Man and monkey. (1941)

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Director: Pavlov B.

Script writers: Mihajlov V.K., Nesturh M.F.

Operators: Lebedev S.


Educational film 9 to a high school class. The film dealt with in detail features of the skeleton and the structure of the human brain, in comparison with the great apes, the development of motor and speech functions, higher nervous activity.

Science | Biology | Educational films

Reel №1

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Natural landscapes.

Tropical parrot.

Macaque on the trees (eating fruits, care for the pups).

Scurry and climbing branches.

The search for food in the trees and on the ground.


Chimpanzee on a tree.

Monkey goes down to the ground.

on the ground, searching for food movement.

Foot chimpanzees.

The foot of man.

Human Walking.

Comparison of structural features of the foot of man and monkey.

Chimpanzee on a tree.

Reel №2

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Doctor with a three-day baby.

The doctor puts his fingers in the child's stick.

Child rises.

Animation: X-ray of the child's skeleton, a comparison with the skeleton of a chimpanzee.

The doctor puts the baby on the table.


Child in an arena.

The doctor calls the baby.

The kid takes in the mouth a toy.

Doctor beckons children.

Baby crawls on all fours with a toy in his mouth.

A child stands up, clutching the banister.

Animation: changes in the skeleton of a baby.

The child is holding on to the railing.

Doctor child seats at the table.

The child with a spoon in his hand.

Feeding baby.


One year old baby playing on the floor.

Alternation: doctor calling the child by name and gestures, kid gets up and goes to meet on their own.

The child takes a piece of candy.

Attempting to deploy candy.

The physician expands the sweet.

Kid takes the candy and eat.


The doctor with the child sit at the table.

Attempts to draw at the age of two and a half years.

The child answers questions.


Drawing the age of four.

Alternation: a man working on a drawing of a boy at the table.

A boy carries a drawing of the Pope.

Pope puts the baby on his knees and talks to him.

Pope puts the child on the floor.

The boy comes to the couch and consider the picture.

Animation: the development of the skeleton, the comparison with the spine of the newborn, depreciation when jumping.

A child jumps near the sofa.


A child carries a chair and puts the chair in front of another.

On board chairs placed, the boy takes a hammer.

Pope draws and turns on tap.

Kid hammers a nail.

Boy climbs under the chairs.

Playing with toy cars.

Reel №3

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The perfection of the work of hands, fine motor skills: Students collect designer.

Master clock repairs.

Woman typing.


Working with machines.


A man plays the piano.


The model of the human brain.

Animation: the structure of the brain, the location of the motor centers.

Reel №4

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Doctor in the House.

A doctor talking to a patient.

The patient straightens bathrobe.

Surgeons carried out an operation to remove a brain tumor.


The patient is reading a book.

A man sits on the bed, suitable doctor.

The conversation of the doctor and the patient.


Animation: the location and relationship of the motor areas of the brain.

Comparison of human and chimpanzee brain.

Reel №5

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Scientists from the box on wheels.

From the box output chimpanzees.

Scientific and chimpanzees sit in the boat.

The man takes the oar, the boat sails.

A man takes notes.

A scientist with a chimpanzee on a raft.

Monkey takes the pole.

Food on a nearby raft.

Monkey is tried to jump.

The scientist takes notes.

The monkey moved to a nearby raft.

Chimpanzee eating, scholar praises monkey.


Chimpanzee sixth measure the depth of water.

Scientist on a nearby raft.

Chimpanzee riding on the boards.

With the monkey pole suggests the crossing.

Monkey goes to a nearby raft and eats treats.


Chimpanzee on a raft floats past the people on the boat and gives the inhabitants of the staves rafts.

Monkey thinks.


Monkey moves on a raft at the long sixth.

Going on a long pole on a raft with a delicacy.


Alternation: people are digging a trench, native does handicraft lever.

Using the leverage of logs natives roll back towards the tree trunk.

Women work in the garden.

Hand hoeing the land.

Plowing the land tractor.



Automatic installation of watering crops.