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1. Caudillo Franco visited the city of Oviedo.

Motorcade rides through city streets, the people welcomed him, people swarmed the balconies of the houses.

Franco attends the opening ceremony of the monument to king Alfonso II. Franco on the podium, he gives the officer shakes his hand.

Parade in front of Franco.

2. Italian General was present at the sports festival in Nuremberg.

Mass gymnastics girls at the stadium, they are turned into a few dances.

Dancing in pairs, ball games.

Among the spectators many soldiers.

3. Germany.

Military-sports competition SA men.

Running hurdles in full ammunition.

Soldiers crawling under low shield with grid, jump over the ditch, and climb over obstacles.

The boys from the "Hitler youth" on the podium actively rooting for the soldiers.

Awarding of winners with diplomas.

4. Under the Berlin designer is testing his new boat with a closed hull and a propeller on Board.

Boat racing on the river test looking out the window, the boat flushes swans from the water.

The boat rushes past yacht sails under the bridge.

5. Belgium.

On the Racecourse are racing with barriers.

The prize for the winner 1000 francs.

Moments of the race.

6. Berlin Institute of hygiene, Department for the study of snake venom.

The serpentarium of the Institute of European and Asian snakes.

The staff feed the snakes mice, snakes heat lamps.

Close-up of a Cobra.

Catching a snake with a loop.

The researcher brings to the jaws of the serpent the Cup, it releases the poison.

Production of drugs based on snake venom, vials of medicines.

7. In Bratislava hosted the international exhibition of consumer goods.

Hang the flags of the countries participating in the exhibition.

The President of Slovakia, Dr.

Tiso visited the exhibition, it is in the German pavilion.

He scans the displays, layouts, exhibits.

German radios.

Showcase wood products: two chairs and a chair at the table, the window is a chest of drawers.

Tiso looks at the interior.

Visitors in the pavilions of the exhibition.

Pavilion of Croatia: medications.

Tissue, the watches in the window.

Girls in national costumes watching the exhibits.

Pavilion of Slovenia, the scheme of export and import company "OMNIPOL".

Wine in bottles, sauces.

Guests can enjoy wine.

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Sport; Flora and fauna; Industry
Geography and Nature; Sectors of the economy

Reel №2

Mussolini arrives in port on the Tyrrhenian sea to the demonstration fire boats.

Italian flag on the mast of the ship "fly girl".

Il Duce inspects the boat, fire boats, standing in a row at the pier.

On the decks the sailors greet him.

Demonstration exercises of extinguishing fire on the ship.

With boats hitting the water jets from hoses.

From the shore the fire extinguish the fire trucks.

After exercise boats pass by the boat and Mussolini.

Loading of ships in the port, went to Africa.

Crane loading railroad cars, locomotive.

Italian court maintenance in sea.

A signalman with flags on the boat.

Arrive at a place.

The hold is unloaded barrels of fuel.

Unloading of the locomotive and wagons.

The locomotive is mounted on the platform and driven by car across the desert.

Workers pull rail line from Tobruk to Egypt.

Installation of a locomotive and wagons on the rails.

The ways are Arabs with camels.

On the train platform cans of fuel.

The train on the way to Egypt.

In the window of the soldier-driver.

The movement to the front of the vehicles.

The fighting in the Stalingrad area.

German soldiers in the city.

Burning houses, chimneys sticking out.

The soldiers are fighting in the streets, they prowl the street at the houses.

A view of the plant and buildings of the city.

German artillery firing at the city, explosions, raging fires.

According to the Pact of the three powers on the seas, the Japanese Navy maintained contacts with the German fleet.

German ships escorted Japanese cruiser.

Admiral Doenitz raised on the Japanese ship, welcomed the captain and crew.

Japanese attaché speech.

Doenitz inspects a line of Japanese sailors, women sailors give flowers.

Gross-Admiral Raeder, talking with the Japanese captain on the shore.

Japanese cruiser led into a German bunker for repair and replenishment of food stocks with the German side.

Reception of the Japanese sailors on the beach, lunch in the courtyard of the Ministry in the open air.

Japanese attache gives the Germans a gift of a Japanese doll.

The sailors talking.

German sailors arrange playful competition, steeplechase, holding the spoon with the egg, many eggs are flying to the ground.

The Japanese laugh.

Competition in tug of war sailors.

Japanese sailors, in turn, show sports exercise: jumping over the backs of his comrades, running with a man at the hands of Japanese wrestling.

The Japanese exhibit a special kind of struggle in which movements resemble drunk.

Japanese cruiser after repair goes on a journey.

The captain salutes.

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