Nansen in Russia. (1992)

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: Yu. Chibryakov

Script writers: Yu. Chibryakov

Operators: G. Matis

Recordist: V. Kolodeznij


The film tells about the organization of the fight against hunger in the Volga region in 1921 -1922 years, the Norwegian scientist and polar Explorer F. Nansen.

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Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Screenwriter Yu Chibrikov talks about his family, the famine of 1921 and the role of the Nansen mission in the salvation of his family members.

The clouds float on the sky.

Portrait Of Fridtjof Nansen.

Face fedosyi Prokofyevna, elderly women survived the famine of 1921.

Theodosia in the office talks about the victims of the famine of 1921, the arrival of Nansen (synchronously).

Old graves with wooden crosses.

View of the old cemetery.

Woman hands with knitting.

The old peasant farmsteads.

View of the hall of the library (above).

The book of Nansen with his portrait.

Chibrikov searches in the library of the book about Nansen.

Photos of Nansen in the years with friends and family.

Photos and pictures made by Nansen during his expedition to the North pole.

The titles of books Nansen's "day and night", "the country of the future", published in Russia.

Pictures made by Nansen during a trip to Siberia.

Family photo of Nansen.

Pictures of people affected by famine in 1921.

Types of streets of Saratov, people and public transport on the streets.

View of the old mansion, which has housed the Museum of hunger.

Chibrikov scans of old Newspapers and archival documents.

Photos of victims of the famine of 1921, a portrait of Nansen.

Photograph of the meeting of the League of Nations.

Candidate of historical Sciences A. A. Herman talks about the reasons for indifferent attitude of Western countries to famine in Soviet Russia, the causes and extent of the famine 1921 (synchronously).

Ration cards the beginning of 1920-ies.

An elderly woman sitting in the yard.




Saratov region




Reel №2

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Praskovya Ilyicheva, who survived the famine of 1921, works in her garden.

Ilyicheva tells about her life during the famine of 1921 (synchronously).

The historian A. A. German speaks about the famine of 1921 in the Volga region, gives statistics, talks about state aid to the hungry, compares it with foreign aid (synchronously).

Photo of starving children.

Documents of foreign charitable organizations that provided assistance to starving children.

Photo of children in a cafeteria set up by the Nansen organization.

Photos of Nansen during a trip to starving areas, photos of state aid to the hungry.

Newsreel of 1921: a panorama of one of the villages of the Saratov province, abandoned as a result of the famine.

Women with children in their arms.

Nansen examines the surrogates of grain and cereals that the peasants ate.

Nansen and his assistants walk along the village street.

Children at the entrance to the dining room.

Nansen checks the cooks ' work.

Children, sitting on the porch of the dining room, eat from bowls.

a boy with a bowler hat in his hands is standing on the street.

Ilyicheva recalls the "Nansen" canteen organized in their village (synchronously).

Photos of Nansen during his stay in the Volga region.

View of the library's reading room (top).

Portrait of Nansen in the book.

Photos of Nansen during the polar expedition.

Photo of Nansen at his desk in the office.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Norway in Moscow D. Stenset in his office.

Stenset tells about the self-portrait of Nansen, presented by him to A. M. Kollontai and now located in the office of the Norwegian Ambassador to Russia (synchronously).

The ambassador shows the author of the film a book about Nansen.

Portrait of Nansen with his autograph.

Panorama of a field with sunflowers.

Views of the village of Rostashi, Arkadaksky district, Saratov region.

The faces of the villagers.

The villagers remember the model farm created by Nansen in the village (synchronously).

The face of a resident of the village of L. A. Abramkin.

Abramkin shows Chibryakov the warehouse where he received the clothes delivered by the Nansen mission, tells about the clothes received (synchronously).

Internal view of the military-patriotic museum of the village of Rostashi.

Residents of the village at the meeting decide on the assignment of the Arkadak agricultural experimental station named after Nansen.

People in the field.


Nansen Fritjof -- Norwegian polar Explorer, scientist, public figure




Saratov region



International cooperation

Reel №3

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Newsreel of 1925: the train approaches the platform.

Meeting Nansen at the train car.

Nansen gives autographs.

Nansen, standing at the car, talks with the people who meet him.

Nansen and his entourage walk along the platform.

Nansen gets into the car.

Views of the building of the former Museum of Famine in Saratov.

Photos of collectivization, dekulakization and seizure of grain from the peasants of the Saratov region in the late 1920s-early 1930s.

Internal view of the archive, the employee takes the case out of the box on the shelf.

Historian A. A. Herman talks about archival documents related to the famine of 1932-1933 (synchronously).

A file of the newspaper "Izvestia" for 1932, publications of Stalin's speeches, photographs, advertisements.

Newsreel of 1932-1933: people at the entrance to the theater.

People in the foyer of the theater.

Preparation of the scenery for the performance, the artists behind the scenes.

The audience in the lobby before the performance.

View of the theater buffet in 1933.

The barmaid behind the counter puts the fruit in a bowl.

People enter the foyer of the theater.

Photos of everyday urban life in the 1930s in the magazine "Ogonyok".

Clouds float across the sky.

Photos of Nansen's funeral in 1930.

Views of the streets of Saratov, people on the streets.

Norwegian Ambassador to Russia Stenset speaks about Nansen's attitude to Russia (synchronously).

Types of streets of Saratov.

A painting by the Russian artist A.D. Kazakov-Klintsov "Nansen in Saratov", displayed on a stretcher on one of the streets of the city.

Kazakov-Klintsov talks with Yu.

Chibryakov, standing at his painting.

A fragment of a painting.

Children on the street look at the picture, the faces of children.

The faces of people who survived the famine of 1921 and survived as a result of Nansen's help.

P. G. Ilyicheva holds a photo of Nansen, speaks of him with gratitude (synchronously).

Ilyicheva collects berries in the garden.

Berries on a branch.

The face of Ilyicheva.

Domes of an Orthodox church.

Interior view of the temple.

Ilyicheva puts a candle on the canon for the repose of Nansen's soul.

A passing priest blesses Ilyicheva.

Ilyicheva stands at the canon.

The icon in the temple.

Wooden crosses in the old cemetery, photos of the victims of the famine of 1921.

The face of an elderly woman.

Portrait of Nansen.


Nansen Fritjof -- Norwegian polar Explorer, scientist, public figure


1925 1932-1933


Saratov region



Culture and Arts