On the banks of the Volga. (1984)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: I.Reznikov

Script writers: Komarovsky

Operators: Potravnov

Composers: Suslov

Recordist: Suslov V.


The film shows the life of small-numbered nationalities living in the territories along the Volga river. It was shot in Tataria, Mordovia, Chuvashia, Udmurtia and the Mariysk region.

Ethnography | Russian cities and regions

Geography and Nature | Towns and countries

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


A hydrofoil vessel of the "Comet" type is sailing along the river.

Port, ships, seagulls flying over the water.

Different shots of the Volga River.

Map of the USSR, marked the Volga River, its tributaries and the cities next to it.

Poet Semyon Vishnevsky reads a poem in the Mari language.

Volga on the map, the Volga republics are indicated.

Volga, steep banks.

A motor ship on the river.

River - top view.

A seagull in the sky.

Different shots of the Volga.

Boats on the water.


Architectural and historical complex of Bulgars - ancient stone buildings, cathedral mosque, Church of the Assumption, etc.

Kazan Kremlin.

Sviyazhsk Fortress.

Trinity Church.

Forest, trees, lake.

Large - forest berries.

A man with a basket is picking berries.

Large - a bee on a flower.

Wildflowers, hedgehog, ants, spider web.


A forester on the riverbank with a horse.

Beavers, roe deer, bison, swans.

Forest, river.

Weather station.

A boat with two rowers is floating on the river.

An employee of the weather station takes readings.

People on the beach, swimming, sunbathing, boating, water skiing.

The Comet is sailing.

The ship is on the pier.

Tourist base on the Volga.

A fisherman with a fishing rod on the shore.

Vacationers with tents on the river bank.

People on the beach.

Panorama of the birch trees.

Panorama of the field.

Rural landscapes.

Harvesting equipment works on the field - tractors, combines.

Irrigation system in the field.

Combine harvesters are working.

Wheat field.

Large - flax, potato flowers, hops.

A field with sunflowers.

On the field - a herd of cows with a shepherd.



Feed feed to the storage.

Cows in the cowshed.

Feed storage.

Poultry house.

Chickens peck food.

Large - chicken.

Key words



Vishnevskij S. A. - sovetskij poet





Flora and fauna; Life and leisure; Agriculture
Geography and Nature; Social life; Sectors of the economy

Reel №2

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Field, haystacks, power lines.

The Chuvash village of Shorshely - houses, people on the street, etc.

A boy is walking down the street.

Monument to cosmonaut Andriyan Nikolaevu.

Photos with Nikolayev.

Nikolayev's younger brother, Pyotr, chairman of the collective farm, is driving the car.

The combine harvester fills the grain into the truck.

Tractor rakes hay.

Large - grain is poured.

The cleaning equipment is working.

Women and teenagers rake grain.


Field, a new residential district of Izhevsk.

City streets, new houses.

People in the city, in the park, at the fountain.

The boat is floating on the river, a panorama of the church.

Kazan, street, view of the white tower of the Kremlin.

View of the Kremlin from the river.

People on the streets of the city.

Kazan - panorama of the city (top view).

City streets, fountains, modern buildings.

People in the city.

The boat is at the pier, the boat is floating on the river.

Ships on the river.


A barge is sailing.

Boxes with vegetables and fruits are being loaded.

Large - roach.

Fish in the water.

Fishing vessel.


Fishermen disassemble the catch.

The ship's crew is in the wheelhouse.

The "Comet" is floating on the river.

The river at sunset.

The road, trucks are coming.

Oil pumps are working.

Druzhba oil pipeline - different plans.

Izhevsk Metallurgical Plant - production process in workshops.

Treatment facilities at the plant.

Workers on a bench at the factory.

A flowerbed with flowers near the plant building, bushes and trees on the territory of the plant.

Production of motorcycles.

Monument to motorcyclists at the entrance to Izhevsk.

Workshops for the production of motorcycles, subcompact cars.

New cars are loaded onto platforms.

Top view of new cars.

Factory for the production of receivers for cars in Sarapul.

The production process.

Various models of tractors.

The driver is driving a tractor.

Logging equipment.

Production of paper and pulp.

Production of electric lamps.

Sewing production.

Key words

Volga, river, combine harvester, port, oil pipeline, plant


Chuvash Republic



Industry; Agriculture
Sectors of the economy

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Fabric with colored embroidery, there is a brochure "Chuvash embroidery" next to it.

Factory workers at work.

Samples of fabrics with embroidery in the form of a folk Chuvash ornament.

Folk dance ensembles.

Dancers in national costumes.

The folk group dances on the city square.

The audience is watching.

National patterns on the building.

Large - hands chop cabbage, pies in a frying pan.

Cooks work in the kitchen shop.

A table with Tatar national dishes.

Houses in the Mordovian settlement.

Various decorations on the facades of houses.

Pond with swans, panorama of the house.

Decorative elements of the house, yard, fence.

Large - web.

Field, haystacks.

The villagers are walking along the road.

The old mill. a path made of pieces of wood.

Large - scale sculptures made of wood by the sculptor Nefedov (Erzya).

Wooden huts.

Bookstore, customers choose books.

The building of Kazan University.

Students with books.

The student writes on the blackboard.

Students communicate near the university.

Sculpture of a young Lenin.

An auditorium with old wooden desks, offices, etc.

Monument to the young Lenin.

View of the Volga.

Volga (shooting from motion).

A seagull over the water.

Ships on the river.

Key words

Volga, folk dances, Kazan University


Chuvash Republic
Republic of Mordovia



National culture; Education
Culture and Arts; Social life