Mystery Ustyurt. (1987)

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Director: Senchukov Yu.

Script writers: Matsov M.

Operators: Kryuchkin V.


The film tells about the unique archaeological discovery made Karakalpak archaeological expedition led V.N.Yagodina.

History | Ethnography | Expeditions and discoveries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Animation: the starry sky, stone outline of the boom on the ground, in space flying spacecraft.

Dissolve: ruins of ancient cities in the desert, the steppe horse rushes ancient army.

Animation: loop boom hangs over the spacecraft.

Galloping across the steppe antelopes, nomads shooting arrows.

Animation: a spaceship lands next to the stone arrow.

Aerial view of the Ustyurt plateau, Film development in photo labs.

Types of arrows down on the contours of the shadow of the aircraft on the ground.

Tells L.M.Gindilis.

The picture is in the hands of the scientist.

Tells A.A.Sidko.

Readings. A.A.Sidko an assistant in the laboratory.

Tells V.M.Masson.

View of the southern coast of Peru.

Nazca Lines.

Types of Stonehenge.

Panoramas of the Ustyurt plateau.

The expedition of the Karakalpak branch of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

On the plateau car rides (shooting in the car).

Views on the plateau of the car.

On the road going trucks.

Members of the expedition set up camp.

Installing tents.

Miniature desert shrubs.

Spider crawling on the sand.

Between the stones crawling snake.


People close and reinforce the tents.

Analysis overturned the tent.

Scientists shake the sand out of things.

A man repairs a table.

The walls of the tent swaying in the wind.

Cars traveling in the wilderness (shot from the cabin).

Archaeologists are digging.


View of the excavation of the mound.

Archaeologist takes notes in a notebook.

The ruins of the ancient city on the border plateau: Shamakhi-Kala-Kala Devkesken.

The truck drives past the ruins Devkeskena.

The former shore of the Aral Sea.

Scientists in the desert.

Abandoned building.

View of the cliff.

The group of people rises on the slopes.

View from the rock desert, the sand truck rides.

People throw the earth into the bucket of the excavator.

Archaeologists working in ancient tombs. V.N.Yagodin.

From the grave raise various items.

View of the mound.

Key words

History. Science. Mysteries of ancient civilizations. The culture of ancient peoples.


Masson VM - Archaeologist, doctor of historical sciences, professor, chief researcher of the Institute of History of Material Culture, a member of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, the Royal Academy of Science and Literature of Denmark.
Sidko AA - Candidate of Agricultural Sciences.
Gindilis LM - Astrophysicist, Candidate of Physics and Mathematical Sciences, a member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics Tsiolkovsky, the head of the scientific and cultural center of SETI.
Yagodyn VN - Professor of history, archeology, ethnography.



Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The scientists are from the tents to the helicopter.

People sit in the helicopter.

Aerial view of the camp of the expedition.

Panoramas of the Ustyurt plateau.

Scientists conducting markup and measurement circuits and stone bags.

Archaeologists are digging. V.N.Yagodin settles.

At sunset, clouds float over the camp (the picture is distorted).

People in the tent, lit a bonfire. V.N.Yagodin answers the questions of journalists.

People drink tea.

A man checks the pot on the fire.

Journalist interview recorded on tape. V.N.Yagodin explains the purpose of the mysterious structures with the help of drawing diagrams.

The girl's face. V.N.Yagodin continues to draw.

View of the stone corrals-boom top. V.N.Yagodin scheme draws ancient hunting traps.

Galloping across the steppe antelopes.

Lit the fire.

Dawn over the camp.

Panoramas of the Ustyurt plateau.

Dissolve: ruins of ancient cities, galloping cavalry.

Above the clouds sweeping plateau.

Flights over the plateau and the remains of the Aral Sea (intensive image).

The waves of the Aral Sea.

The desert on the former site of the Aral Sea.

Dusty wind blows in an abandoned recreation facilities.

Panorama of Aral Sea.

Graveyard of ships.

Panorama Ustyurt plateau, view of the stone arrows.

Key words

History. Science. Mysteries of ancient civilizations. The culture of ancient peoples.


Yagodyn VN - Professor of history, archeology, ethnography.