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Cosmonautics. The conquest of the "Angara". (2014)

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Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:06:42 to collection V3 9/7/2022

Alexander Efremov's report on the development of the Angara series of missiles.

Interview: Vasily Zyrin, Head of Production at the Khrunichev State Research and Production Center, Alexander Lebin, Head of the Laboratory of Control Systems and KAPE PGS, Professor Yuri Bakhvalov.

Cosmonautics. RCC "Progress". (2014)

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Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:09:00 to collection V3 9/7/2022

This year is special for Samara rocket builders. 120 years ago, the Dux plant was founded in Moscow, here are the roots of the future Progress rocket and space Center, where several modifications of Soyuz launch vehicles and spacecraft for various purposes are being created. 25 launch programs this year alone.

Rockets for four cosmodromes of the world.

It is Soyuz that will be the first to begin the history of the new Russian Vostochny cosmodrome.

To date, Progress has almost two thousand launches, no rocket center has such a load.

Natalia Burtseva's report, interview: cosmonaut Alexey Leonov, academician Alexander Kirilin, welder Alexander Krasnov, controller of the 5th category Lyubov Pleshivtseva, chief designer Oleg Lagno, head of the department for means of removal Sergey Volkov, academicians Sergey Tyulevin and Ravil Akhmetov, head of the plasma template shop Sergey Domke.

Cosmonautics. Robot for Mars. (2014)

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Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:08:22 to collection V3 9/7/2022

"Space for Earth" - the aerospace exhibition "ILA-2014" was held in Berlin under this motto.

More than 1000 manufacturers of aviation and space technology from 40 countries of the world showed their promising developments, however, robotics became the real highlight of the program.

The German Center for Robotics and Mechatronics presented the Toro robot, the most high-tech android in the world.

The creators tried to make it look as much like a person as possible, the production of this model took 4 years.

Engineers of the Center for Robotics and Mechatronics Oliver Porges and Maxim Chalon talk about the robot.

According to experts, it is possible that today the review of new aerospace technologies at the Schoenefeld airfield is inferior to the largest European exhibitions Le Bourget, Farnborough and MAKS, however, each time the popularity and prestige of ILA are growing.

As confirmation - new participating countries.


theme (1995) 17.03.1995

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Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:39:37 to collection V3 9/6/2022

Эпиграф программы фрагмент фильма "Влюблен по собственному желанию".

Тема программы: Жизнь после спорта.

Гости в студии: Горохова Галина - председатель Российского со-

юза спортсменов, Олимпийская чемпионка по фехтованию и Дмитриева Анна - спортивный обозреватель НТВ, заслуженный мастер спорта по теннису.


Зарубежная кинохроника. (1929 - 1935)

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Footage, 5 footages, Duration: 0:37:34 to collection G 9/6/2022

Телефонистки за работой на телефонной станции Нью-Йорка.

Вид части оборудования телефонной станции.

Виды залов с оборудование телефонной станции, телефонистки соединяют абонентов.

Демонстрация свойств огнестойкой ткани.

Пожарный в защитных костюмах из огнестойкой ткани перед началом испытаний средств защиты на девают защитные маски.

Участники испытаний проходят сквозь горящую дощатую постройку, выходят невредимыми с другой стороны.

Демонстрация моделями нового лака для волос, процесс создания женской прически, окраска волос.


Cosmonautics. A torch over the planet. (2013)

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Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:06:44 to collection V3 9/6/2022

The journey of the Olympic torch into orbit will be very short, less than a week, but the space expedition itself is large-scale.

The crew will take several cargo ships in orbit and conduct about 50 experiments.

The plot of Natalia Burtseva starred Mikhail Tyurin, Richard Mastracchio, Koichi Wakata, Oleg Ostapenko, Anatoly Rudakov.

Cosmonautics. The Cosmonauts ' Stormtrooper. (2013)

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Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:07:43 to collection V3 9/6/2022

Special flight training is the first step to controlling a spacecraft.

All those who dream of flying into space pass the height test.

The newcomers of the detachment master flying skills on L-39 aircraft ("Albatross", "Elka"), then consolidate the acquired skills during independent flights under the guidance of instructor pilots of the Yuri Gagarin CPC.

The plot of Natalia Burtseva starred Oleg Blinov, Ignat Ignatov, Anna Kikina, pilot-instructor of the CPC Marat Khalikov.

Cosmonautics. The "Vostochny" relay. (2014)

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Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:06:20 to collection V3 9/6/2022

Dmitry Rogozin, Oleg Ostapenko and the leadership of the Amur Region visited the Vostochny space construction site.

By the end of 2015, the Soyuz-2 launch vehicle will go into orbit from here, and a new science city will grow next to the cosmodrome, which will be named after Tsiolkovsky.

The plot starred Dmitry Rogozin, Oleg Ostapenko, Konstantin Chmarov, Sergey Lazarev, head of FSUE "Spetsstroytechnology" Sergey Makarov, cosmonaut Roman Romanenko.

Cosmonautics. Star Armor. (2014)

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Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:08:23 to collection V3 9/6/2022

The first fitting of a promising spacesuit.

The NPP Zvezda creates and tests new models of flight suits "Sokol" and spacesuits "Orlan" for work in outer space.

Natalia Burtseva's story starred employees of NPP Zvezda: head of the design department of space technology Arthur Lee, tester Sergey Dvornikov, chief specialist of the test department Gennady Glazov.

Cosmonautics. Save the astronauts. (2014)

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Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:08:04 to collection V3 9/6/2022

Baikonur, large-scale exercises to test the actions of rescuers in possible emergency situations during the launch of a manned spacecraft.

Natalia Burtseva's story, interview: Andrey Vorobyov, Vadim Samoilov, Alexey Lukyanov, Vyacheslav Rogozhnikov, doctors Dulat Samaladin Uly and Yerzhan Igembayev.

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