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I serve the Fatherland. (2000)

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Footage, 15 footages, Duration: 5:04:17 to collection V 12/12/2023

The 55th Division of Internal Troops, the soldiers of the Interior Ministry on duty in the subway.

Servicemen of the Internal Troops have lunch in the dining room.

Chevron with the image of a bird on the sleeve.

In the kitchen, senior chef Corporal Traksionov Marat Nailovich about the diet and variety of the menu.

Kitchen workers wash the cooking tanks.

Fighters from the windows at the distribution receive plates with food, put them on trays.

Stand "Menu" with the name of dishes.


I serve the Fatherland. (2000)

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Footage, 42 footages, Duration: 20:18:44 to collection V 12/12/2023


"Служу Отчизне" исходные материалы. (2000)

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Footage, 5 footages, Duration: 1:39:02 to collection V 12/12/2023

300 years of the Main Military Clinical Hospital named after N.N. Burdenko.

Civilians and military in the assembly hall waiting for the event.

The number 300 on the stage.

Ozerov Viktor Alekseevich delivers a solemn speech.

Presentation of diplomas and certificates.

Participants make solemn speeches about the hospital.

The audience is watching the concert and applauding in the hall.


"Служу Отчизне" исходные материалы. (2000 - 2009)

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Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:34:44 to collection V 12/12/2023

Cossacks, parishioners, cadets pray in the Church of Alexander Nevsky in Vereshchagino.

Clergymen and parishioners pray.

Cadet boys are standing in the church.

Children's faces, close-up.

Cossacks with their families pray in the temple.

The decoration of the temple, burning candles, icons.

The priest blesses the parishioners.


"Служу Отчизне" исходные материалы. (2000)

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Footage, 8 footages, Duration: 3:48:45 to collection V 12/12/2023

Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School, Department of Driving.

The instructor of the Department of operation and driving RVVDKU foreman Galina Shumeyko in the classroom talks about training cadets to drive a combat vehicle landing.

Shumeyko G.I. about his work, service in the army, about the experience of driving a BMD.

"Служу Отчизне" исходные материалы. (2000)

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Footage, 3 footages, Duration: 1:26:35 to collection V 12/12/2023

Exercises at the training ground of the engineer-sapper regiment, a bulletproof vest for a service dog.

It's raining, a BMP-1 car with armored soldiers is moving along a forest road, noise grenades explode, columns of smoke and flashes, the troops land in a ditch.

A dog handler with a mine-search dog is walking along the road, followed by soldiers with metal detectors.

Soldiers with mine detectors are walking on the grass next to the road.

Soldiers crouch, look around, aim from machine guns.

The miner raises his hand, finding a mine, takes out a probe, backs away.

A demolition miner lays a charge for detonation next to a mine, soldiers hide behind an armored personnel carrier.


"Служу Отчизне" исходные материалы. (2000)

Title image

Footage, 7 footages, Duration: 2:44:12 to collection V 12/12/2023

Conversation between Archpriest Vladislav Sveshnikov and musician Konstantin Kinchev.

Father Vladislav answers Kinchev's questions about Christianity and the formation of personality, says morality, philosophy, Old Testament commandments.

Father Vladislav answers Kinchev's question whether a musician can preach, talks about national identity, relations between believers of different religions, overcoming vanity and pride, and humility.


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Footage, 19 footages, Duration: 7:05:19 to collection V 12/12/2023

Cadets of the youth military-patriotic club "Paratrooper" at competitions in a military unit.

Shooting range.

Two young men and a girl listen to the briefing before shooting from a machine gun.

Cadets lie down on a tarpaulin and, under the guidance of instructors, shoot at targets.

At the end of the shooting, the guys put their guns on the fuses, get up, run to the targets.

Cadets throw training grenades.

Training on the obstacle course, boys and girls participate; after passing the obstacle course, cadets rest, sitting and lying on the ground.



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Footage, 6 footages, Duration: 2:52:47 to collection V 12/12/2023

Конюшня конноспортивной базы эскадрона ЦСКА.

Девушка сыпет корм из ведра в кормушку.

Солдат ведет под уздцы лошадь по коридору между стойлами.

Девушка несет ведра с кормом.

Мерин в стойле, табличка "Харьков-9, мерин гнедой масти".

Солдат идет по коридору между стойлами, заходит в стойло, надевает сбрую на голову лошади, выводит в коридор.



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Footage, 20 footages, Duration: 7:09:40 to collection V 12/12/2023

A group of scouts is walking through the forest.

The commander works with a map and compass, dictates the coordinates to the signalman.

Fighters with machine guns walk across the field, squat, aim.

Barbed wire.

Soldiers overcome a barbed wire fence.

Scouts with machine guns are lying in the grass.

The soldier anchors the "cat" on a rope, pulls it up to him.


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