This is KAMAZ. (1982)

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Director: V. Sevastjyanov, H. Fahrutdinov

Script writers: R. Koposov

Operators: V. Sevastjyanov, R. Garaev

Recordist: V. Korablev

Other authors: D. Hohlov


The film is dedicated to the history of the construction and everyday work of the Kama automobile plant (KAMAZ).

Russian cities and regions | Industry | Automobile transport

Towns and countries | Geography and Nature | Sectors of the economy | Transportation

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The process of assembling trucks on the conveyor of the Kama Automobile Plant.

Installation of truck engines and cabs.

Installing the wheels.

The number on the cab door.

Another truck comes off the assembly line, a view of the electronic scoreboard.

Newsreel of 1969-1976: the ceremony of laying the first stone in the foundation of the plant.

Surveyors work on the site of the future plant.

The face of the girl behind the theodolite.

Arrival of the first builders at the quay of Naberezhnye Chelny.

Accommodation of construction workers in the hostel.

Equipment for earthworks, persons of construction managers.

Type of construction of one of the factory buildings.

View of the 1st residential area under construction.

Types of construction during the day and at night, in winter and summer, the faces of the builders.

Installation and adjustment of equipment.

Rally in the engine production shop before the start-up.

Car driver in the driver's seat.

Tram on the street of the city, the newlyweds leave the registry office.

Babies in the maternity hospital.

View of the assembly shop.

The descent from the assembly line of the jubilee KAMAZ, released in honor of the 25th Congress of the CPSU.

The finished truck leaves the shop.

The numbers on the electronic scoreboard.

Panorama of one of the enterprises of KAMAZ.

Entrance to the personnel department of the Aggregate Plant.

Signs in the names of the blacksmith, foundry factories.

Operation of automatic control systems (ACS) of the production process at the plant.

The production process in one of the workshops of the KAMAZ foundry, the faces of the workers, the automated control system operators at work.

Automated process of forming large-sized parts, workers ' faces.

Panorama of one of the metalworking shops.

The process of manufacturing engines.

Workers on the conveyor perform manual operations.

Automated and manual processes for the production of truck cabs, the faces of female workers.

Installing the wheels.

The finished truck comes off the assembly line, the numbers on the electronic scoreboard.

Panorama of a part of one of the residential quarters of Naberezhnye Chelny (top).

People on the streets of the city.

There is a man with a bouquet of flowers.

A boy rolls a baby carriage.

Customers at the vegetable stand.

Harvesting greenhouse tomatoes.

Panorama of vegetable greenhouses (top).

Operation of the irrigation sprinkler system.

Harvesting of fodder corn.

Cows in the pen.

View of the wheat field.

View of the elevator building and the front of the KAMAZ.

The grain is poured out of the hopper.

Customers in a vegetable store at the counters with the products of collective farms and state farms of the Tutaevsky district.

Kindergarten students are running along the path.

View of the city fountain, children bathe in the fountain.




The Republic of Tatarstan



Construction; Agriculture; Trade; Childhood and youth
Sectors of the economy; Social life

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

First-graders at the school.

Class journals 1st grade from "A" to "Z".

The faces of first-graders.

A sign with the name of the school of arts.

The choreography lesson.

The girl's face.

The hands of the accompanist on the keys.

A class in folk dances.

The teacher gives instructions to the disciples.

City architects discuss the General development plan.

New models of buildings and neighborhoods.

Views and panoramas of new urban neighborhoods.

The next truck to go off the Assembly line.

The numbers on the electronic scoreboard.

Crash test the cab of the KAMAZ during the test.

Those engineers.

Study of the damage to the cab, the measurements of the dents.

The re-crash test.

Creating a new cabin design.

Manufacturer of clay cabin layout in the model shop.

A truck that is designed for gift 26 Congress of the CPSU, at the test site.

Dump truck KAMAZ during the transportation of soil.

Target various modifications of KAMAZ trucks - camper, cement, prefab, high-altitude platform with a cradle.

The arrival of "KAMAZ", presented to the 26 Congress of the CPSU, in Moscow.

The faces of the representatives of the plant.

View of the Moscow Kremlin.

Trucks at the site of the finished product.

Another truck comes off the Assembly line.

The numbers on the electronic scoreboard.

Meeting the designers and engineers of the plant.

Engineers on the construction of one of the new buildings.

Persons working in a foundry.

Workers of various professions at work, turning parts on a lathe.

Design office staff at work and discuss new projects.

Designers at work.

Manager for remote control.

The faces of the employees of the group, automated control systems.

The form of a punched tape and a computing machine.

The face of the driver behind the wheel.

Winter racing, the faces of the riders.

Winter motocross, fallen motorcyclists.

Athlete water-skiing.

Sailing boats on the Kama, the faces of the yachtsmen.

The view of the city block.

Visitors at the bar.

Filled wine glass.

The man's face.

The orchestra plays.

Demonstration models of new women's clothing collections in the fashion House, the models on the catwalk.

Another truck comes off the Assembly line.

View of the Kama automobile plant (top).




The Republic of Tatarstan



Education; Different kinds of sports; Life and leisure
Social life; Sport